On Saturday 20th May, we dived into the world of fairy tales at Exeter Library, as we learned about how to not only make a good story, but how to tell one as well. As part of the workshop, participants were entered for the 'Discover' level Arts Award. It was fantastic to see so many people attend and engage not only with the award, but in the art of storytelling as well. The workshop featured a number of fantastic games and fun storytelling activities.

This was an exciting venture for Anthos Arts, as it marked our first joint Arts Award project in the city of Exeter. Working together with Exeter Library we were able to come up with a theme that would not only engage children but also promote the fantastic resources that the library has to offer. The entire experience was thoroughly enjoyable and it was a pleasure to work alongside the fantastic team at the library in order to deliver the workshop and creating possibilities for further collaborations in the future. 

Project Credits:

Jake Celecia- Facilitator

Ben Goulding- Facilitator

Emma Goulding- Facilitator

A special 'thank you' to Karen Leach-Bowlder at Exeter Library and the fantastic team there. Also a massive well done to everyone who attended and supported us. This would not have been possible without you. 

The 'Discover Storytelling' Workshop!