Children, Family and Young Performers:

Looking for something fun to do at the weekends? Anthos Arts runs its very own acting groups! Our 'Chameleon Group' is for children age 7-11 and explores a wide variety of stories and acting techniques which we then put to use in an end of term showcase! Our 'Story-Makers,' meanwhile, is an Early Years group for ages 3-6, which explores different stories each term using a number of art styles and performance techniques. 

Anthos Arts’ Youth Theatre programmes offer opportunities for young artists to make friends, be taught by professionals from various creative industries, and devise innovative theatre showcases. 

Anthos Arts’ Drama Club projects are run weekly and are a chance for children to discover and explore the Arts, with opportunities to creative and perform devised work in popular local arts venues, and to explore different types of theatre.

Anthos Arts researches, workshops and assists with an array of Arts in Health projects. Project collaborations include Applied Theatre Parent Support Programmes for those whose children experience Eating Disorders, establishing  partnerships with up-and-coming actors to tour performances and workshops, assisting with impact studies, and generating innovative programmes and drama exercises to better understand mental health. 

Our Anthos Young Company (or AYC) is for young performers age 12-18. Together with the rest of the group you will work as a professional cast and either stage or devise the final performance to be put on at the end of term. The AYC focuses on teaching its members various approaches to acting, writing, script and about the different aspects and roles involved in a professional production.

For more information about the groups, please check out our 'Current Projects' page.


Anthos Arts is an Applied Physical Theatre collaborative, working to bridge local South West communities. We make exciting professional art that blossoms from within the community and speaks to the community. 

Anthos Arts is eminently accessible to all who are interested in originality, experimentation and play. We enjoy collaboration and are always keen to hear from others. 

Anthos works primarily in the following settings:

Youth Drama/Theatre

Professional Performances

School Tours and Workshops

Arts and Health sectors

The name 'Anthos' comes from the Greek phrase "to blossom" The name was coined by Emma-Rose Payne, the founder of Anthos Arts. The term is used to represent not only the nature of Anthos Arts, which prides itself on creating art work that blooms for the community and within the community, but also represents the journey all participants go on whilst they work alongside the team of passionate professionals. Using a Greek term also honours the roots of theatre, of which was primarily establish in Ancient Greece.