Exeter. The height of the Blitz. As the bombs fall upon the city one night; a group of unlikely strangers come together in the ruins of an old church, each with their own story. Though it seems impossible at first, friendship develops over time as the group realise that the best way to stay alive: is together. 'On the Homefront' is the Anthos Young Company's first devised show and was performed in Roborough Studios.

The first of our youth group projects, the Chronos Project looked at theatre through the ages. Together with our talented young performers we explored a huge variety of theatrical practices and types of theatre, including; Naturalistic, Brechtian, Artaudian, Shakespearean and even theatre from Ancient Greece! After they had been bombarded with all this, our cast devised their very own performance based on a combination of the techniques and approaches that they had learned! 

The Anthos Young Company present '-H-!' An original piece inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, '-H-' follows the story of a young man whose life is turned upside down after the death of his father and the re-marrying of his mother. As different realities overlap, H becomes more and more isolated and lost; suffocating under the weight of everyone's expectations. 

 Our latest project is: 

'Frankenstein. Click the image to find out more! 

The first official project under the new Anthos Young Company banner and this time we were working with one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Working together, our wonderful cast of young actors explore different rehearsal techniques and approaches to creating their very own interpretation of the play. The show was performed at the Exeter Pheonix Theatre in June 2016.

A visit from his estranged daughter Alice is interrupted when Lestrade brings a new case to 221b Baker Street. A man has been found dead; hunted like an animal across the hills, and the number '24' has been engraved in his arm. Sherlock soon sets about the case as a wanton distraction, unknowing that it's secrets will force him to face truths unlike any others and place those he cares for the most in the worst danger imaginable.

The Anthos Young Company (AYC) is Anthos Arts youth group which caters to young performers aged 12-18 who have a passion for acting and performing. Each term, AYC members will work together as a cast to produce work for a final showcase at the end of the project. Every AYC project is different, providing something new and exciting, as well as challenging for our talented young people every time. Sometimes our cast will work with scripts, while other times they will devise something from a given stimulus or even create something new altogether.

In addition to teaching AYC members a colourful variety of acting and rehearsal techniques, the aim of the young company is for its members to experience what it is like to work in a professional environment while honing their own skills and helping them to achieve new heights. Our creative team has a wonderful amount of experience working on a wide varety of shows in a number of different settings and is dedicated to providing a supportive environment in which our young performers are encouraged to try out new things and approach tasks a creative manner. If you are interested in acting, working with scripts, devising new work and/or would like to gain experience working as part of a professional production then the Anthos Young Company is for you!

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