The Anthos Young Company (AYC) is Anthos Arts youth group which caters to young performers aged 12-18 who have a passion for acting and performing. Each term, AYC members will work together as a cast to produce work for a final showcase at the end of the project. Every AYC project is different, providing something new and exciting, as well as challenging for our talented young people every time. Sometimes our cast will work with scripts, while other times they will devise something from a given stimulus or even create something new altogether.

In addition to teaching AYC members a colourful variety of acting and rehearsal techniques, the aim of the young company is for its members to experience what it is like to work in a professional environment while honing their own skills and helping them to achieve new heights. Our creative team has a wonderful amount of experience working on a wide varety of shows in a number of different settings and is dedicated to providing a supportive environment in which our young performers are encouraged to try out new things and approach tasks a creative manner. If you are interested in acting, working with scripts, devising new work and/or would like to gain experience working as part of a professional production then the Anthos Young Company is for you!

Next Project 2019/20:

'Treasure Island.'

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