Arts Award Testimonials

"My 15 year old son has become a very independent learner through doing the Silver Arts Award this year. Completing the Silver Arts Award during a rocky period of his life helped him keep focused on a goal, strengthening decision making, which encouraged him and gave him confidence in working in the community, where he gained companionship which bought new beginnings. It has helped him make big steps needed to complete with confidence the National Youth Theatre summer course, held in London, from which he is now a member. Working with Anthos Arts and doing the Silver arts award will help him in the future to bring all the new skills learnt to create inspiring creative new work. As a parent I could stand proudly back and watch this all evolve without too much involvement."

​Paula Madden

Youth Theatre Parent

"Doing the Silver Arts Award has given me knowledge of processes involved in direction and planning, timetabling and evaluating , plus presentation. It has given me understanding of decision making, self reflection and responsibility. I enjoyed being the main facilitator for a small school staged self scripted play, where I helped manage all ages and abilities.

I found I could stretch myself which was a surprise, which again has helped in the course I did with the National Youth theatre, where we  went beyond physically and mentally what we thought we could. I am ready to start this school year and face my GCSEs."

Blaise Oldham

Youth Theatre participant. Silver Award

"Anthos Arts provided the students involved with an incredibly invaluable and rich experience. It was clear from the start (from the students' enthusiastic feedback) that they were all fully absorbed and engaged in the project. The skills developed through the project were clearly evident in the students' work in Drama lessons and beyond. The provision of the Arts Award was an added bonus. As a Drama teacher and Head of a thriving Drama department it is so encouraging to see projects like Anthos Arts thriving at a time when the arts are under threat. Emma-Rose is a superb ambassador for the arts!

Kate Fonseca

Head of Drama, Uffculme School

"What it was like to take an award with Anthos Arts? Well, where do I start? First of all, it was extremely fun! During the week at school I was always looking forward to going to Anthos. The Bronze Art Award was a way of getting something extra from Anthos, I felt like it would be silly to not do it. I'm really glad I completed my Award with Anthos because it was very enjoyable. It was especially great to get motivation from Emma, Vicky and the rest of the company to complete the award to a very high standard."

Rory Irwin 

Youth Theatre participant. Bronze Award