As rehearsals progressed the cast decided to blend Shakespeare and modern day scenes; using both to reflect the twin mental states of the character 'H,' who had found themselves struggling to cope with the death of his father and the expectations of those around in him.

The cast agreed that the performance should also feature different approaches and decided that some of the scenes should be scripted and spoken as the original Shakespearean text while others should be devised. The group expressed an interest in using physical theatre to further reflect H's mind and the turmoil within. 

The final result of the cast's hard work was a blend of their original ideas which thoughtfully and artfully addresses the issue of mental health and awareness in young people. Over the course of the term the cast have bonded into one happy family and have produced a fantastic piece of theatre. 

The show was initially performed at the Cygnet theatre in December 2017 and was well recieved by it's audience. While initially planned only to be performed as an end of term show for the Anthos Young Company, the production was accepted into the 'From Devon with Love' theatre festival and will receive a second performance at the Bikeshed theatre, Exeter on Tuesday 16th January 2018. This will mark the AYC's first ever touring show! 

One of our most adventurous projects to date; the show started out as 'A Modern Hamlet.' We assembled a cast of five fantastic young performers to tackle Shakespeare's Hamlet and bring it to the modern era using their own outlooks and ideas. Starting out we had no idea what the show would become, as devising began based off what had inspired the casts. 

After several weeks of exploring the original play via different mediums; such as through physical theatre, improvisations and comedy, the cast sat down and debated what direction they wanted the show to take. Initially the concept of a comedy version was drawn up, but as they explored further the issue of mental health was discussed and the cast decided that they wanted to use the story to address this theme; which is so relevant to society today. 

A Modern Hamlet- 'H' 

Project Credits:

Head Facilitator- Ben Goulding

Assistant Facilitator- Jake Celecia

Volunteer Facilitator- Emma Goulding

Performance Venue:

December 2017- Cygnet Theatre

January 2018- Bikeshed Theatre

Special thanks to our amazing cast this term! Also to Jon Primrose at Exeter University's Drama department for his support, the Cygnet for having us and the Bikeshed for giving our young company the chance to perform in their first theatre festival!