"Deep in the heart of the desert, in a vibrant city of magic and sand, young Aladdin lives as a ‘street-rat’ using his skills as a thief to survive. Up at the palace, Princess Jasmine looks out at her city and its people. Both long to make a difference and are soon thrown into an adventure unlike any other as Aladdin meets Jafar, a sorcerer with a plot that could spell trouble for them all…oh yes it will!"

Anthos Arts’ Chameleons embark on a journey filled with wicked schemes, daring escapes, flying carpets and magic items of ages past as we stage our very first pantomime! Age 6-11, the Chameleons bring the tale from the Book of One Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights) to the stage for Christmas 2019.

Rehearsals for 'Aladdin' with run Saturdays from September- December, 10:30am-12:30pm at Thornlea Studios, Exeter. Applications for the term will open Saturday 27th July at 10am. Please contact Jake (email to the left) with any questions about the project. 

Please note: this project is now full. If you wish to join the waiting list then please download an application form and email it to applications.anthos-arts@outlook.com. 

Project Credits: 

Directors- Jake Celecia/Ben Goulding

Term Dates:

September- December 2019

Performance Info:

Saturday 7th December

Cygnet Theatre.

Arts Award available:



£84 for the term (£7 per week) or £102 for the term with the Arts Award option.

Contact info:


Please submit applications to: