Project Credits:

Jake Celecia- Lead Facilitator

Ben Goulding- Assistant Facilitator

Emma Baskeyfield- Assistant Facilitator & Designer

Emma Goulding- Designer

​The Arts Award Advisor for this project was Jake Celecia. 

A special thank you to Jon Primrose and the University of Exeter Drama department, without whom the project would not have been possible, and who continue to love and support us and our work. 

All in all, it was a wonderful project and we're glad it came at the time it did. Having a clear idea of how we wanted to tell the story, and a group that were willing to experiment and try something new made the project so successful! We were pleased to be offering the Arts Award to the group as well; which worked well with Alice's story as it allowed us to explore various avenues of performance which helped to build log books and work towards everyone achieving their award.

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Because Wonderland is strange. 

Anthos Arts' Chameleon Group Present:

'Alice in Wonderland!' 

Following a brilliant discuss about puppets we realised just want we wanted from Alice and suddenly it became the right time. Before we knew it we were diving head first down the rabbit hole. The decision to use puppets was very exciting, as this wasn't something we had ever explored with the Chameleons and opened up new doors and avenues for performance possibilities. With the help our of fantastic team of Emmas (Baskeyfield and Goulding respectively),as well as some creative thinking, we were able to construct some delightful puppets. The group took to the puppetry well and the scenes which featured them looked fantastic. 

Rehearsal Clips:

Wonderland is strange. Words written by our Chameleon group that sum up the tale of Alice and her adventure through the mad world known as Wonderland. We had been toying with the idea of doing a production of Alice in Wonderland for a while; but never felt that the time was right. For our Chameleon Group projects we like to have a clear vision of what we want from the story so that we can translate that to the group and together we can create a performance. With Alice we were never sure what we wanted from it or how we could do it in a way that was new and exciting for both Anthos Arts and the group. 

As for the story itself? It was a lot of fun working with the Chameleons to explore Alice's story; that of a girl lost in a world which not only does she not understand, but that sometimes doesn't even understand itself. One of the best bits of the project was discovering how exactly she handles this and how she tries to find logic even in the most nonsensical of situations. 

The other fun aspect was playing with the characters. The Chameleons are all very committed and talented young performers and it was fun to build these characters through playing games and applying some of the rules to their individual scenes. 

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