Project Credits: 

Directors- Ben Goulding & Jake Celecia

Term Dates:

Saturday 11th January- Saturday 4th April 2020


£104 (£8 per week for 13 weeks)

Contact info:

Please submit applications to:

The Chameleon Group kick 2020 off with a bang! Jump into a brand new literary adventure across magical realms as the Chameleons set out to stage 'The Pagemaster,' a brand new script written by Artistic Director Ben Goulding. 

The Chameleon Group spring 2020 term shall run from Saturday 11th January-Saturday 4th April, 10:30am-12:30pm, with a final performance at the amazing Cygnet Theatre, Exeter! Welcoming all with a love for drama, be they veterans or first timers, there's no better way to begin a new year of performance and mayhem.

Please contact Jake with any questions you might have about the project or about the group.