Project Credits: 

Directors- Ben Goulding & Jake Celecia

Term Dates:

Saturday 11th January- Saturday 4th April 2020

Performance Info:

Saturday 4th April 2020

Cygnet Theatre.


£104 (£8 per week for 13 weeks)

Contact info:

Please submit applications to:

The Chameleon Group kick 2020 off with a bang! Jump into a brand new literary adventure across magical realms as the Chameleons set out to stage 'The Pagemaster,' a brand new script written by Artistic Director Ben Goulding. 

The Chameleon Group spring 2020 term shall run from Saturday 11th January-Saturday 4th April, 10:30am-12:30pm, with a final performance at the amazing Cygnet Theatre, Exeter! Welcoming all with a love for drama, be they veterans or first timers, there's no better way to begin a new year of performance and mayhem.


To apply please download an application form below and send it in to Spaces are given on a first come first serve basis, to ensure equal opportunities for all to be involved. Please note we will not accept applications submitted before 10am on Saturday 14th December 2019. If you are applying for more than one child, you only need to complete ONE form, though please list separate details for each child.  

Please contact Jake with any questions you might have about the project or about the group.