The ‘What I want to be!’ project was aimed at allowing young people to explore and build social communication skills as well as building drama skills and offering a creative outlet for students wanting to explore the world of theatre.

At Anthos we are also passionate about building the confidence of students and offer a support system to help participants, no experience was required just an interest in exploration and having fun as a group.

The 'What I want to be!' project was an ongoing project run by Ben Goulding and Jake Celecia over a series of seven weeks. The focus of this project was to give the participants a chance to think about their careers and to explore the endless possibilities for their futures.

"What I Want to be!"

​These weekly sessions focussed on key areas of learning for young people and allowed them a chance to explore theatre games and performance in a safe and engaging environment. It also gave our students the opportunity to perform for their invited friends and family.

During these workshops each of our participants explore various professions. They took on roles and performed scenes in which they engaged with each other as different characters.

It was really inspiring to watch each of our students think about their futures. The diversity in the group was really amazing. In our group we had the future, Scientists, Musicians and Sportsmen of the future, to name just a few. We also had the Next Labour Leader so watch out David Cameron!   

Project Credits:

Head Facilitator- Jake Celecia

Assistant Facilitator- Ben Goulding

Volunteer Facilitator- James Bush

A special thanks to Exeter drama department, as well as the parents, family and friends of our participants, for their support during our first term of running our Chameleons group.