Project Credits:

Head Facilitator- Jake Celecia

Assistant Facilitator- Ben Goulding

Assistant Facilitator- Emma Goulding

A massive thank you to the Cygnet theatre team for housing our performance and taking good care of us (and for staying open an extra day at Christmas)! Also thanks again to Jon Primrose for his continual support of the work we do (and coming in each week to open the building and look after us). Additional thanks to the Northcott who gave our group the opportunity to visit the theatre together for their arts award! We are grateful to you all! 

Lots of our physical sequences came from different games we played throughout the weeks. The cast were fantastic in coming up with innovative ways to incorporate what they had learned into the final performance. 

The group showed throughout that they were brilliant at playing around with ideas that we gave them in order to create something new. For the flying sequence we provided them with sticks and some basic ideas. They then used these and worked together week after week to build small ideas and concepts into a wonderful looking light sequence. 

When that time came we were glad that we waited. This term saw our group grow in numbers, which meant we had a bigger cast to work with. It was also a much longer term than we usually run; totalling fourteen weeks instead of the usual eight-ten. 

Over the course of the fourteen weeks we explore physical theatre, scripts, puppetry and dance with the group, responding to their interests and feeding off of their ideas in order to create the show. Lots of the performance was created based off of what work the cast came up with during rehearsals. For instance our 'mermaid scene' in which Wendy swims with the Neverland mermaids, was choreographed by the girls after a series of movement exercises. 

We were lucky enough to get a space at the Cygnet theatre to perform; and so in December 2017 the group performed their version of Peter Pan on the stage. It was amazing to see their efforts from the previous weeks come to life in a performance that was mature, entertaining and funny to watch. We were very lucky to have such talent working on the show and this term was a truly magical experience which we shall never, ever forget. 

Peter Pan marked the​ sixth term running our Chameleon Group. It was a show that we were excited for and which presented an opportunity for participants to engage with a number of different art forms and explore a story of magic and adventure. We had discussed doing the show several times over the past year but always agreed to wait until the time was right. 

After falling out with her father, Wendy faces her last night in the nursery. Unbeknownst to her however, she and her brothers are about to embark on the adventure of their Neverland, where fairies, mermaids...and pirates await!