One day, after falling asleep during her lessons, Alice encounters a white rabbit who, to her amazement, can talk! Curious as to who the Rabbit is and where he is going in such a hurry, Alice follows him down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. There she sets off on a trail of talking flowers, tea parties and one very deadly croquet match as she follows the White Rabbit through madness of all shapes and sizes. .

Applications are now open for our latest project: 'Peter Pan!'

The first of many exciting projects with our brand new Chameleon Group! And what better way to start something new than by looking to the future? That's just what was done in 'What I Want to Be!' Together we explore people's dreams an aspirations; what do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman? An Astronaut? A werewolf perhaps? How about leader of the Labour party? Our Chameleons produced some incredible work while exploring this question. See where it all began!

Anthos Arts' Chameleon's Group is weekly Drama workshop for ages 6-11 that runs on a Saturday morning. Each term we will have a different theme or story to work from,  which we will explore through the magic of storytelling. The group will work as a cast to create material for a final showcase for family and friends at the end of term, this will often take the form of whichever story we are studying. Sometimes the Chameleons will devise their final performance and sometimes they will work from a script. Our focus every term is to challenge them in new and exciting ways and help produce work of a high standard. The Anthos team are dedicated to providing a creative and supportive environment for our Chameleons to create their work.

Our previous projects have included 'What I want to be,' 'Theseus and the Minotaur,' 'The Legend of King Arthur,' 'The Princess and the Goblins' and 'Alice in Wonderland.' For more information on our previous projects be sure to check out the links below. To find out more information contact Jake at or send a message to our general inquiries email:

Previous Performances:

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Legend has it that beneath the palace of Crete there lived a terrifying monster with a body half-man, half-bull. For many years people lived in terror, until one day Prince Theseus decided that he would face the beast himself. Join our Chameleon group as they explore the incredible world of Ancient Greek mythology as they bring the story of 'Theseus and the Minotaur' to life! There will be gods, magic swords, fantastic heroes and talking skeletons!

The story of the legendary King Arthur! See what happens when the Chameleons set out bringing to life our most ambitious story yet! Featuring epic sword fights, monstrous magic battle and even a terrifying dragon!

In the faraway kingdom of Greenhill, Princess Irene longs for adventure. One day, after being kept in her palace by her father's wishes her whole life, Irene's friend Lottie helps her sneak out to see the city. Irene meets Curly, a local miner's son, and together they discover that Goblins are coming to invade the kingdom from deep underground! Together with her friends, the Princess sets out to stop the wicked Goblin Queen and save her kingdom before it is too late!

After falling out with her father, Wendy faces her last night in the nursery. Unbeknownst to her however, she and her brothers are about to embark on the adventure of their Neverland, where fairies, mermaids...and pirates await!

 The project is targeted at children age 6-11 and will run from Saturday 16th September until Saturday 16th December. Over the course of the eight weeks we will create our own version of Peter Pan using acting, dance, craft and puppetry to be performed at the end of term! 

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