Youth Groups

At the heart of Anthos Arts' work is our fantastic youth groups. Accessible for children and young performers age 6-11, our groups provide a safe and supportive space for young people to explore their own creativity and challenge themselves to achieve new and exciting goals!

We like to push each and every one of our participants, giving them new hurdles to overcome and opportunities to grow and develop not only as performers, but also as individuals, each term. Additionally, our participants are given opportunities to express their creativity in the local area and engage with local artists and events. Every term our youth groups will create a performance which will be performed on a professional stage at the end of the project. Our previous performance venues have included the Northcott theatre, Pheonix Theatre, the Beehive and the Cygnet Theatre.  

With all of our groups we offer children and young people the chance to partake in the Trinity College Arts Award, a national qualification which celebrates creativity and imagination; rewarding participants for their efforts and teaching them new and important skills.

Our youth groups consist of the Chameleon Group, a wonderful weekend group for children age 6-11 to engage imagination and build confidence, teamwork and communication in addition to performance skills, the Story-Makers; a drama, craft and play group for ages 3-6, and the Anthos Young Company, a semi-professional young company for performers age 12-18. The AYC runs termly and participants receive professional actor training and work as a cast to stage and/or devise a brand new show using acting, physical theatre, devising, script writing, dance and puppetry!


Fun, imaginative entry-level drama for ages 3-6. Perfect for those who like to be creative and/or who want to give Drama a go! Our Story-Makers is a weekly group which takes a new story each term and explores it using acting, dance, craft and puppetry. At the end of the term parents are invited to come and see what we have created!

Our first Story-Makers project will see us looking at Carol Rumble's reimagined 'The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat.' Sessions are Friday afternoons at the Family Garden, Exeter.  


Professional, fun performer training for ages 6-11. Every term we take a story or theme and adapt it into a brand new show! Sometimes these stories are well known and sometimes a little more obscure, but they are always incredible fun to make our own.

Across the course of the term children are encouraged to explore the characters and themes of the story through a colourful variety of drama games and activities. The group is also taught different ways to think and portray the different characters of the story; and everyone is given a part to play in the final performance. Often our final show involves a script and it is here we help children build confidence in reading and speaking as they become their character on the stage!

We offer all of our participants the opportunity to complete their Arts Award with us through our projects. We are able to offer Discover and Explore certificates to those who are interested.

Our previous productions have included: Theseus and the Minotaur, The Legend of King Arthur, The Princess and the Goblins, What I Want to BeAlice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Three Musketeers, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  

Anthos Young Company:

The Anthos Young Company is a marvellous opportunity for young performers age 12-18 to develop important personal and performance skills, receive professional actor and performance training and gain experience working as part of a theatre company.

The aim with our AYC group is to encourage and support their development as professional artists. This involves exposing them to a large variety of different theatrical styles and experiences. Every term our group will be given a concept or theme from which they will create a performance. Sometimes this concept is definite and sometimes abstract. The cast will then spend the term exploring what we give them and creating an entirely new production.

Sometimes the shows will have a script, sometimes the cast will write the script and sometimes there will be no script at all and the cast shall devise the show from scratch. No term is ever the same, as with every term we have new people join the group; all of whom have unique talents and ideas that open up new possibilities for the company's end of term show. It is always wonderful watching the AYC grow and change and to experience the fantastic work that they produce.

We seek to provide professional performance opportunities for the entire group and offer the Arts Award Explore, Bronze and Silver to all of our participants.  

The AYC's previous productions include: The Chronos Project, A Midsummer Night's Dream, On the Homefront, H and Sherlock Holmes- The Red Inheritance.