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Click the icon below to download our 'Adventure Planner.' 

Who says that each day can't be an adventure? Continuing with our mission to support children and parents during the COVID-19 lockdown we are bringing everyone a brand new imaginative project: '7 Adventures in 7 Days!' 

The project is simple; each day, for seven days, you must either draw or take a picture of an 'adventure' you get up to. An 'adventure' could mean anything- perhaps your adventure might be creating a piece of art, doing some baking, playing in the garden, or seeing something exciting whilst out exercising. 


Whatever the adventure; at the end of the week put all of your drawings/pictures into a collage, then share with your friends/family and let them know what adventures you've been up to!

Send us in the collage of your seven adventures and receive a special certificate! 

This can be for the whole family! Whoever you have at home can take part as well, so be sure to invite them to take part in your adventures too! 

Want some help planning adventures for your collage? Why not download our 'Adventure Planner' on the left or maybe you want to create your very own? 


We encourage everyone to follow Government guidelines and remain at home unless it is for exercise or for a valid reason. You might take photos of places you see out on your daily walk/bike ride as part of your collage, but likewise adventures can be had at home too.  

For anyone unsure about how to combine their photos into a collage, we are happy to do this for you! 

Looking for more Drama activities to do while at home, click here. and check out what we have to offer! 

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