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0 Title Adventure on Emerald Island

Project Credits: 

Download the script here:

Use the images below to see what happens on the island. 


If playing with multiple people, the party must agree on an action before doing it. 


Adventure on Emerald Isle

The Society of Natural History has reached out to its best and brightest explorers (you) to undertake an adventure unlike any other. The infamous Emerald Isle has appeared again and on it lies the Legendary Lost Emerald, which contains all knowledge of a lost civilisation. Your job is to travel to the island and retrieve the emerald. But not all is as it seems. What awaits you on the island? 


This choose your own adventure story was written for the Chameleon Group (ages 6-11) to play over Zoom. It should be played in a group or with a friend. One person is required to be the Games Master, who will narrate and run the story. To make things more fun, maybe create your own explorer character to play during the game! 


Download the script for the game on the left and use the images below to navigate your way around the island. A special letter to all explorers can be found below as well, so be sure to read it before playing. 


Good luck, explorers! 

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