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"Love the sense of team you create. I feel like that is very special and I love that you seem to prioritise this. C clearly has a strong sense of belonging, feels able to contribute, to join in with jokes, games and play, and feels heard/seen. It's so nice to see him smiling and happy after his sessions.

Micha (Parent)

‘They love it. They love the games. They love the movement. They are obviously made to feel so safe and free of 'performance anxiety'!’

Andy (Parent)

"Really supportive, fun sessions. I would recommend to anyone looking for a creative outlet for their child."

Robin (Parent)

"My son has completed 3 terms now [...] he is very excited having just performed in the Wizard of Oz. We really like Anthos Arts, for us having looked at various drama settings, we felt the Chameleons group felt like youth theatre should feel like. Jake and Ben hold the space beautifully for the children, they encourage confidence and creativity through an enjoyable fun delivery. What seems special is that they engender in the children,, just enough aspiration to give something of themselves to their performance without any sense of pressure."

Liz (Parent)

"My daughter took part for the first time last term. She absolutely loved it and could not wait for each session; she's so excited to be back again this month. She really enjoyed the active sessions which encouraged imagination and expression, and also preparing towards the final performance. Overall there was a great balance between fun, imagination and creativity, on the one hand, and being part of a team and making a commitment to the group, on the other."

Emily (Parent)

"The show was fantastic. The (Chameleon) cast were all brilliant. How do I get my kids involved? "

Audience member. (The Girl and the Fox)

"It was like watching a professional show. The themes you guys had in there were very real to me, and I was moved by what I saw."​

Audience member. (H)

"Anthos has provided completely transformative experiences from my twins [...] The experience of being at Anthos shows us a whole other side to the boys, unrelenting enthusiasm for their Saturday sessions, pride, spontaneous outbursts of singing, dancing and performing, willingness to read and learn their scripts, learning how to channel their energies into a character, affection for their fellow performers, admiration for the theatre directors and a developing sense of aspiration, learning through story about our histories and an increased understanding of how they are seen by others. The happiness in our home multiplies as a direct result of the work Anthos are doing.

The thing is, it’s not just any theatre company. The boys have tried other theatre/performance groups with nothing like the same affect. I put it down to the Anthos approach that seems to allow the children to have a certain level of self-determinacy and direction and so warmly embraces humour and the bonkersness of young people, the outstanding people running the company and their incredible support team and the wonderful weekly blog and photographs that they see and they feel tells their story."

C, Chameleon Group Parent (Theseus and the Minotaur/The Odyssey)

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