The Anthos Young Company

What is the Anthos Young Company? ​


The Anthos Young Company (or AYC as we like to call it) is a theatre group for young people ages 12-18 with a passion for performing and interest in the arts. The aim of the AYC is to teach aspiring performers what it is like to work in a professional theatre company, guiding them through the process of devising new work and the various aspects that are involved in putting different shows for different audiences.


Each project will not only see AYC members work as a cast to produce new work but also receive professional performer training. Our training programme covers a variety of acting techniques and fields, from naturalistic to physical theatre, comedy to puppetry and beyond. There are always new skills to learn and new challenges to help build performance and rehearsal experience. 


Who is the AYC for? 


The AYC is for all young people ages 12-18, we accept everyone from backgrounds and walks of life. At Anthos Arts we believe in Drama as a powerful tool to bridge gaps we face in day-to-day life, and that everyone should have the chance to be involved and experience this for themselves. Whether you're focus is strictly theatre-based, or whether you are looking for a casual creative outlet, our door is always open.


How often are AYC projects? 


The Anthos Young Company produces a large-scale show each year. Development will begin in the winter and conclude with a final performance at a professional venue in the spring. Each project is different and provides new material for AYC members to engage with and new opportunities to build skills and experience.  


Why should I join?


Many answers spring to mind, but the simplest of all's fun. We believe strongly in creating a supportive and open rehearsal space where those with a love for Drama can express themselves without concern. Our projects are collaborative; everyone works together as a team to explore each show from all sorts of angles, from performance to production, marketing, audience etc. Rehearsals will see cast exploring various aspects of the production, for sure, however there will always be laughter and we shall always aim to have fun working. 


Are there opportunities besides acting/performing?


Yes. We like to support young people's interest in theatre wherever it may be. We currently offer opportunities to build skills and experience facilitating rehearsals and workshops. This involves AYC members acting as volunteer facilitators for our Chameleon and Story-Makers groups. Previously we have had a number of members take part in this opportunity. This is ideal for those looking to build relevant skills on their CV and see how skills learn in rehearsal can be translated into facilitation. Those interested should contact us about this opportunity. 


​How much does it cost?


We charge our AYC members only for projects they are involved in. Each project varies in cost depending on the number of rehearsals involved. We are a non-profit organisation and so costs all go towards outfitting the production (props, costume, space hire, etc). We also believe in making the AYC accessible for all and so will always keep costs as low as possible and offer a number of ways in which costs may be paid. 


How can I find out about new projects? 


Right here! We will always advertise our upcoming opportunities and projects via our website and across our social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). We are also starting up a mailing list! To sign up for it then please fill out the box below and we shall keep you updated on classes, projects and auditions that we have coming up! 



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