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Jason Title Treatment.png

Project Credits: 



Jake Celecia, Emma Goulding

Assistant Facilitators-

Millie Sale & Miles Clayton-Foster

Performance Date-

Sunday 30th June

Performance Venue-

The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter

Rehearsal Dates-

Saturday 13th April to

Sunday 30th June

Total Price-

£117 (£9 per week)

For Ages-


Download an application form below:

An infamous ship, a hardy crew and a young hero destined for adventure! The Chameleon Group is back for an action packed summer term exploring Greek mythology as we dive into the legend of hero Jason and his mighty quest across the trecharous ocean, battling the mythical forces which will stop at nothing to see him fail.


There will be monsters, there will be peril, there will be togas...what more could you ask for? A golden fleece? Well, we'll have to wait and see... 

The Chameleon Group summer term will run from Saturday 13th April to Sunday 30th June, with rehearsals at 10:30am-12:30pm and a final performance at the Barnfield Theatre. 

Applications for the term open on Saturday 16th March at 9am. To apply, please download and return the application form to



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