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About us...


We are Anthos Arts: a non-profit arts organisation working with children and young people in Exeter and Devon.  At Anthos Arts we focus on helping young artists develop both personal and performance skills through carefully planned projects and workshops, providing a safe, supportive space for them to learn and create new work. Previously we have worked with a number of venues and schools across the South West, producing touring T.I.E (Theatre in Education) productions to support students across various subjects and key stages. Currently, the bulk of our work is with our youth groups for ages 6 to 18, providing consistent, fun, educational and progressive opportunities to all of our participants. 


The name 'Anthos' comes from the Greek phrase "to blossom" The name was coined by Emma-Rose Payne, the founder of Anthos Arts. The term is used to represent not only the nature of Anthos Arts, which prides itself on creating art work that blooms both for and within the community, but also represents the journey all participants go on attending our classes. 


Since it opened it's proverbial doors in 2014, Anthos Arts has continued to expand and grow, reaching more and more young artists, without any financial support or funding. We are proud of our work and that of those whom we have the honour of working with. In September 2015, current Artistic Director Ben Goulding, and Assistant Artistic Director Jake Celecia, took over the running of Anthos Arts and since then have formed some fantastic youth groups which run consistently within Exeter, and have sought to use Drama to inspire children and young people's creativity in a variety of different settings. 

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