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Knights of the Round Table Logo Final.png

Project Credits: 


Directors- Jake Celecia & Emma Goulding

Assistant Facilitators- Miles Clayton-Foster and Millie Sale. 

Class For Ages- 

6 to 11yrs. 

Term Dates-

Saturday 22nd April to Sunday 9th July

Performance Date-

Sunday 9th July

Total cost-

£108 (£9 per session x 12 weeks)

Application forms can be downloaded below (please return to


The Chameleon Group returns for an exciting summer term with a brand new production based on the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table! 

When the wicked Morgana hatches a plan to sit Mordred on the throne; a sword will be stolen, riddles will be asked, a castle invaded and a destined showdown set in motion...all while poor Sir Gwain tries to escape his fate with the Green Knight. Will the round table's finest prevail, or will the course of history be forever changed?

The summer term will run from Saturday 22nd April to Sunday 9th July, with a final performance at the Cygnet Theatre, Exeter. Applications open at 9am on Saturday 1st April. Please note, we will be unable to accept applications which arrive before this, in order to keep things fair. 

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