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Project Credits:


Lead Facilitator- Jake Celecia

Assistant Facilitator- Ben Goulding 


From way back before we invested in a camera, in the outset of the current Anthos Arts, were the first two Chameleon Group performances: 

Theseus and the Minotaur 

Deep beneath King Minos' palace lives the Minotaur, a creature of legend which devours all who enter his dreaded labyrinth. Determined to save his people, Prince Theseus sets sail for Crete to defeat the beast. A battle of legend is about to begin...but can Theseus really win?   

The Legend of King Arthur

King Arthur, the boy of legend, struggles to adapt to his new life as King and the responsibilities of the crown. When his adviser, the Lady Morgana, suggests he seek the Holy Grail, Arthur sets off with his friend Merlin to prove his worth. Little do they know Morgana has other plans for the Kingdom and it's people. 

​This term marked our first and second project with the Chameleon Group. Theseus and the Minotaur was performed in Roborough Studios, while The Legend of King Arthur was performed at the Exeter Phoenix. 

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