Project Credits: 


Directors- Ben Goulding 

Assistant Director- Jake Celecia

Project Dates-

Saturday 25th September- Saturday 2nd April 2022. 

Performance Venue-

The Cygnet Theatre, Exeter.

Performance Date-

Saturday 2nd April 2022. 


£140 for the full project. 

Please click here to contact Jake with any questions about the project!

'Lord what fools these mortals be!'


"It's Exeter, its 2022 and all Hermia wants is to be with her vegan barista boyfriend. However her business tycoon father Egeus has other plans. He wants his daughter to wed his latest intern; the up and coming Demetrius, who is loved by the slightly awkward Helena.


Things really take a turn when the lovers are plunged into a story of magic and mischief as rival fairies cause chaos. Oberon has forsaken his woodland home and sworn off love, but Titania has a plan to bring him back around."


Merging Shakespearean and modern text, the AYC will bring one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies into the present day! We will be looking for a fantastic cast of young people age 11-18 to help create this all-new production, directed by our very own Artistic Director Ben Goulding.

The AYC's 2021/22 project is currently only open to those who were due to take part in the initial project earlier this year. Please get in touch if you were not due to take part in the cancelled project and are interested in getting involved.