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Project Credits: 


Directors- Jake Celecia & Ben Goudling

Assistant Facilitators-

Emma Goulding & Miles Clayton-Foster


December 2019, Cygnet Theatre, Exeter



"Deep in the heart of the desert, in a vibrant city of magic and sand, young Aladdin lives as a ‘street-rat’ using his skills as a thief to survive. Up at the palace, Princess Jasmine looks out at her city and its people. Both long to make a difference and are soon thrown into an adventure unlike any other as Aladdin meets Jafar, a sorcerer with a plot that could spell trouble for them all…oh yes it will!"

Anthos Arts’ Chameleons embark on a journey filled with wicked schemes, daring escapes, flying carpets and magic items of ages past as we stage our very first pantomime! Age 6-11, the Chameleons bring the tale from the Book of One Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights) to the stage for Christmas 2019.

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