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Challenge 4: Make a puppet


Please submit work to Jake at:


​Useful Tips:
There are many different types of puppet. Choosing what you want yours to do might help you decide which type you want to make. 


Why not get others involved? Puppetry is just as fun when it involves other people. 


Your puppet doesn't need to be made out of fancy wood. If you put your mind to it, anything can become one. 


Date of challenge- 


For this Home-Challenge you may need to think a little outside the box! We are challenging everyone to make their very own puppet, using only things that you find around the house. Your puppet could be any shape, size or character; perhaps you will make a puppet of someone from your favourite book or film, or maybe you will invent us a character!


Remember, in puppetry any item can be used as a puppet, providing the performer believes it is one. Sculpt a masterful humanoid out of wood, or put a sock over your hand: both will work as puppet so long as whoever is controlling them commits to what they want the puppet to do. 


One of the most fun things about puppetry is that multiple people can take part. Why not get other people at home involved? See how other people can help to bring your puppet to life, or maybe even make more than one and see what adventures they have together? 


Remember, if you are using items at home for your puppet that don't belong to you, or that you might need help putting back, then ask an adult for permission first. 


Not sure on where to start? We've got some helpful tips below. 



There are many different types of puppets, from hand and finger puppets, to marionette. You can use whatever you like to make the puppets but if you are looking for some suggestions then we have some of those too.


Why not...


1) Make a cardboard person? Use some cardboard to cut out the shape you want your puppet to be, then draw on the features and voila, you have a quick and easy puppet. You could even put a stick on the back to help move them around. 


2) Create a makeshift marionette? Got an old teddy or cuddly toy at home? Maybe attach some string and turn them into a marionette puppet? 


3) Dig out some old socks? Old socks are great for many things, including making puppets! You could use an old sock as a base, then add on the details! Draw on a face, stick on some googly eyes, use scraps of paper/material to make some clothes...the options are endless! 


4) Use something inanimate? Even inanimate objects can be used for puppetry! Have a plastic bag at home? Turn it upside down, place your thumb and index finger around the back just below the top, then use your other hand to move the handles as feet! Presto, you have transformed a carrier bag into a working puppet! 




Remember that for this challenge you can make whatever puppet you want; sometimes thinking of what sort of character you want to make, or actions you want your puppet to do are helpful ways to decide what type is right. Your puppet doesn't need to be made out of fancy wood- if you put your mind to it you can transform anything into a puppet. 


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