Home-Challenges is a brand new initiative launched in light of COVID-19 to help support children and parents who are social distancing, self-isolating, or who are staying at home during with schools being closed. The aim is to provide children with a creative outlet to help keep them learning and building both literacy and communication skills at home. Each week, for the next 6 weeks, we will issue a new challenge, which will be rooted in Drama and could range from character creation to creative writing and beyond.


Children can complete the challenge at home and then, should they wish, submit them to us when finished. For completing challenges children can earn an e-certificate. Submitting individual challenges will earn a participatory certificate, three will earn a silver certificate and completing all 6 will earn them a gold certificate! 


The primary age range of the challenges will be 5-11, with each child encouraged to complete the challenge at whatever level suits them; the aim is to be creative! We will, however, welcome submissions from those outside this age range, should they wish to get involved and complete the challenges at their appropriate level. There is no cost at getting involved in the challenges, though we welcome people spreading the word as there might be someone out there who knows nothing about us that would appreciate the creative outlet!


All challenges can be submitted to us by clicking the button below and please click here and get in touch if you have any questions. 

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