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Challenge 7: Create a Hero!


Challenge info- 


Please submit work to Jake at:


Design your very own hero and a story telling people how they became a hero. Draw or create a costume to go with them so that everyone knows what they look like. 


Remember to have a clear beginning, middle and end. 


Date of challenge- 


You might be surprised to find out that theatre originally came from Ancient Greece. It was very different than what we have today, with shows being performed in outside amphitheaters with elaborate masks, telling fantastic and tragic tales of gods, heroes and villains of the culture.

For this challenge we are looking at Greek mythology, which is full of many fantastic heroes and their adventures. From Theseus, who battled the fierce Minotaur, to Odysseus and his voyage across the high seas, or Bellerophon; who tamed the mighty Pegasus, there are so many stories to be heard. However, there is always room for new stories, so we are challenging everyone to create their own hero! 

Your hero should have a name and a story explaining how they became a hero. Perhaps they had to go on a quest, or defeat a terrifying monster? Why not draw a picture of what they look like, or see if you can create a costume to represent them? The choice is yours! 

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