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Challenge 6: Create your own show!


Please submit work to Jake at:


​Useful Tips:

Your show could be anything. It might be: 

  • A play.

  • A dance show.

  • A magic show. 

  • A puppet show. 

  • Spoken word or poetry reading. 

Perhaps go with something you feel comfortable with if you are struggling to choose. 

If you choose to write a script then make sure it is formatted correctly, so that the reader knows who is speaking and who the characters are.

Date of challenge- 


Here we are. The grand finale! For our final Home-Challenge we want to get as creative as you can and are challenging everyone to make their very own show at home. Your show can be whatever you want. Perhaps you will put on a magic show,  a dance performance or maybe you'll stage your own play? If you want to include family and friends at home then why not put on a talent show? Simple record the show and send it to us to complete the task.

Don't fancy performing? There are other ways to complete this challenge, for instance you could write us a script, or create us a picture storyboard of your show? Perhaps you could throw in some costume design sketches to help us imagine what the characters would look like. 

Of course, you could do all of the above too. 


If you decide to write a script to complete the challenge then remember to format it correctly, so that your reader can tell what is going on. If a character says something then their name needs to be written on the left hand side of what they say. For example: 

Rupert:   Good morning Sally, how are you today? 

Sally:        I'm fine Rupert, how are you? 

Stage directions are also important, as these let your actors know what you would like them to do on stage. Make sure these are written in brackets, so as not to confuse them with dialogue. For example: 

(Rupert walks onstage and sits at the table with Sally.) 

Rupert:   Good morning Sally, how are you today? 


(Sally looks up from her newspaper.) 

Sally:        I'm fine Rupert, how are you? 

Scripts can look funny written down, but the format is helpful for actors/performers to see what their lines and directions are. 

If you are looking for some inspiration why not check out some of scripts from previous shows? Past scripts can be found in our Lockdown Library (click here to have a peek in the library). 

We're excited to see what kind of show you make!  To find more of our Home-Challenges click here

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