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In an effort to support children at home, we have created the Lockdown Library as part of our 'Drama at Home' initiative. Here you will find electronic versions of scripts, all of which have been written for children ages 6-11, as well as stories and resources which we have provided for previous youth group projects. In addition, you will also find a select catalogue of e-books to read at home. There's no need for a library card either; all scripts, books and resources found in the Lockdown Library are available to everyone and completely FREE to download. 



In this section you will find scripts. Each script was performed by our Chameleon and/or Anthos Young Company groups. They are perfect for anyone looking for something different to read at home, or those looking for a springboard to write something new, or stimulus to create a play at home. Please click on the title of each show to download the script!


In this section you will find a collection of stories and e-books to read. We have also included some of the stories which have featured in, or inspired our previous projects. Some are perfect for children who enjoy reading chapter books, while some are fantastic for a quick tale at bedtime. Please click on the title to download each story. 


The Girl and the Fox

Theseus and the Minotaur


Nanuk the Bear 

Sedna- The Goddess of the Sea

The Fox Woman

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