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Challenge 2: Create a costume!

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Challenge info- 


Please submit work to Jake at:


REMEMBER- Ask permission from a parent/adult before using things you find around the house in your costume.


Make sure whatever you use, you can put back afterwards, if it is something that doesn't belong to you. 



Remember a costume can be anything- from a simple mask to a full outfit. 


Date of challenge- 


Have you ever wandered around the house any thought, what could I make with this? Well we have, and for this Home-Challenge we are tasking everyone with the goal of creating their own costume from things you find at home. A suit of armour made of cushions? A tail made of scarves? A cape from a bedsheet or masks out of cardboard? It could be anything you want; perhaps a character from your favourite story, film or play...or maybe you can to imagine your own?


The rules are simple: as this is a Home-Challenge you are only allowed to use items from around the house/in the garden to create yours and you must ask your parents/responsible adult before using things you find. Other than that it is up to you what sort of costume you make. Remember a costume can be anything, from a simple mask to a head-to-toe outfit.


Not a fan of dressing up? Well why not get someone else involved too? Ask an adult or sibling if they would be willing to model the outfit for you? Or if you have siblings who want to have a go at the challenge, then why not create costumes for each other? The challenge can be for anyone!


Of course, if you already have dressing up costumes at home then think about what/how you might add to them in order to create something new? 


We're eager to see what sort of exciting characters you think of! 


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