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Challenge 5: Set Design!


Please submit work to Jake at:


​Useful Tips:

Decide what type of show you want to make first, as this makes choosing what set you need easier. 


A set doesn't need to be complicated. Simple things like cardboard, bed sheets and string can all be put together to create something that works for your production! 

Date of challenge- 


For this Home-Challenge we wanted to think about set design! Set design is an important part of any production; while some companies and directors might choose to have lots of set, or none at all, the decision can dynamically change a performance. You might think, building a set sounds quite complicated. While lots of sets you see on the stage have been created specially in a workshop, it is also entirely possible to design one with things you might find at home. 

So, with that in mind, we are challenging everyone to design their very own set! This could be for any show you want; perhaps you will choose your favourite book, film or theatre production...or maybe you will invent your own.


To complete the challenge you must either build the set out of things you have at home and/or design a blueprint or diagram of your creation, along with a description of what show it is going to be used in. The only rules are; if you are building a set, it must be able to fit safely inside or in the garden if you have one, and to ask permission before using anything that isn't yours. 

The choice of what you make is up to you! Will you build a den for your show to take place in, or perhaps a castle out of cardboard or a fort made out of cushions? We're excited to see what fantastic design ideas you have.


You can choose what show your set will be used for. It can be made out of anything you have at home, or you can create a detailed diagram of what your ideal set looks like. Remember to give us a description of the performance, so we know how the set fits!


Useful tips: 

A set needs to be right for the show it features in; so a good place to start might be to think what sort of show you want to make and then build a set that fits the story!  

A set doesn't have to be complicated. You could stack cardboard boxes together, draw on some windows and have a tall tower. If you wanted to use easy to find objects to create something, then take two chairs and put a sheet across the top to make a den!

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