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The Anthos Young Company of Frankenstein looked at the role of difference in our society and explored the lengths to which total isolation can leave any individual.


Frankenstein’s Creature is born different, alone and rejected he searches desperately for a place to belong. But as one by one society rejects him, pushes him away he becomes fuelled by a darker desire.

This AYC project was our most ambitious outing with the young company yet. Development of the show ran from November to April across sixteen weeks, with the company exploring the themes and characters of the play in depth and devising a means of conveying their message to the audience; it is not our differences that matter, but how we treat those who are different. 


'Frankenstein' was performed at The Barnfield Theatre, Exeter in April 2019. 


Project Credits: 


Directors- Ben Goulding

Assistant Director- Jake Celecia

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