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Project Credits: 


Directors- Ben Goulding

Assistant Director- Jake Celecia


'The AYC take to the stage with a brand new re-imagining of Shakespeare's Hamlet for their 2018 production! A young person in 2018 battles with the pressures of day-to-day life. Meanwhile, in his own world, Hamlet faces similar struggles. What do these two have in common and which, if any, can be saved?' 

One of our most adventurous projects to date; the show started out as 'A Modern Hamlet.' We assembled a cast of five fantastic young performers to tackle Shakespeare's Hamlet and bring it to the modern era using their own outlooks and ideas. Starting out we had no idea what the show would become, as devising began based off what had inspired the casts. 


After several weeks of exploring the original play via different mediums; such as through physical theatre, improvisations and comedy, the cast sat down and debated what direction they wanted the show to take. Initially the concept of a comedy version was drawn up, but as they explored further the issue of mental health was discussed and the cast decided that they wanted to use the story to address this theme; which is so relevant to society today. 

H was performed at the Bikeshed Theatre, as part of the 'From Devon with Love' festival, in January 2018. 


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