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Puss in Boots Title No Clouds shadow.png

Project Credits: 



Jake Celecia, Millie Sale and Emma Goulding

Assistant Facilitators-

Miles Clayton-Foster

Performance Date-

Saturday 9th December 2023

The Chameleon panto is back! Oh yes it is!

It's almost Christmas, but all is not well in the humble town of Port Exeter. The wicked Rat Queen is up to her usual tricks, determined to ruin the festivities and take control of the world with her army of rats. All that stands between her and absolute victory is Port Exeter's very own swashbuckling feline...Puss (in boots)!

But the Rat Queen is clever, and Puss' time as a local hero has earned him some powerful enemies. Can a noble cat, a hapless fairy, a clueless baker, and their slapdash team of heroes defeat evil in time for the holidays? Let's hope so! 

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