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The Girl and the Fox Poster draft 3 pict

Project Credits: 


Directors- Jake Celecia & Ben Goudling

Assistant Facilitators-

Emma Goulding & Miles Clayton-Foster


March 2019, Cygnet Theatre, Exeter


The Girl and the Fox

'When an unending blizzard falls upon her village; a girl sets out to find the source of the storm and save her home. Guided only by a mysterious arctic fox, her journey will see her climb terrifying mountains, meet the bird-like ‘featherpeople’ of legend, evade dark spirits and come face to face with a wicked sorcerer. Will she reach her goal before it is too late?'

The Chameleon Group kicked off 2019 with a brand-new story. Written for the Chameleons; The Girl and the Fox combined physical theatre and classic storytelling elements, delving into ancient Inuit mythologies and bring an icy tale of adventure, magic and friendship to life.


The Girl and the Fox was performed at the Cygnet Theatre, Exeter in March 2019 and featured a cast of twenty-one performers age 7-11. 

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