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Project Credits: 



Ben Goulding & Miles Clayton-Foster

Assistant Facilitators-

Jake Celecia and Millie Sale

Performance Date-

Saturday 23rd March 2024

For Ages-


‘What’s done cannot be undone.’ 

Ambition. Love. Fear. What is it that drives people to commit terrible acts?

After hearing whispers of a potential future, the Macbeths set to planning how they can get everything they want in one fell swoop. But things are never that easy; as one murder becomes two and the pairs brutal actions have brutal consequences.

The Anthos Young Company return for their first performance of 2024; an all-new adaptation of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy in 'The Macbeths'. 


Through a combination of physical theatre, mask work and original text the AYC will reimagine Shakespeare’s Macbeth, explore what drives these characters to seize control and the lengths they are willing to go to achieve their aims.

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