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Project Credits: 



Emma Goulding, Millie Sale and Jake Celecia

Assistant Facilitators-

Miles Clayton-Foster

Performance Date-

Saturday 10th March 2024

Total cost-

£99 (£9 per session)

For Ages-


Please download an application form below:

Ever wanted to spend the night in a museum? When the Little Oakington Scout Troupe are invited to do just that...and in the brand new Egyptology exhibition, no less...they think they're in for the time of their lives witnessing the wonders and relics on display. 

Little do they know, they are about to land themselves in the middle of a real life mystery, as the infamous mummy suddenly goes missing! Is the curse of the Pharoah dooming plans to save the museum closing forever, or is there more to this mystery than meets the eye? With the grown-ups seemingly helpless, the scouts decide it is up to them to save the day...

...if they can make it through the night, that is. 


The Chameleon Group spring term will run from Saturday 6th January to Sunday 10th March. The final performance will be held at the Cygnet Theatre on the last week of term.


Applications open at 10am on Saturday 16th December. To apply for a space, please download an application form and return it to us at To keep things fair, we will not consider applications received before the above stated time. 

Please do get in touch with any questions!


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