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Project Credits: 


Directors- Jake Celecia

Assistant Director- Ben Goulding 

Performance date: 

Saturday 24th October 2020

Cygnet Theatre, Exeter. 

Treasure Island

The Anthos Young Company set sail for their 2020 production! 


'Young Jim Hawkins has a simple life helping his mother run their struggling family inn. Everything changes however when one day they receive Billy Bones: a rather unusual guest. Jim soon himself his world blown wide open as he sets off on an adventure toward distant shores, but the seas are an unpredictable place and there are many secrets aboard the Hispaniola. Can the crew be trusted? Just who is Long John Silver and what awaits them all at the famed ‘Treasure Island?’

Exploring the complex themes of power, loss and greed, the AYC bring will bring to the stage an all-new adaptation of Robert Louis-Stevenson’s legendary tale of self-discovery, betrayal and pirates.


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