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Please get in touch with Jake if you have any questions about social distancing in our projects. 

Social Distancing in our Drama classes.

In light of COVID-19 and the national lockdown, we have rethought how our Drama classes will be delivered. These decisions have been made following advice from Health and Safety England and the Department of Education for the continued safety of all the fantastic children and young people we work with. 


We are happy to announce that our class sizes will be returning to their previous sizes, meaning the Chameleon Group and Anthos Young Company can offer 20 spaces each for young people to get involved. Social distancing shall still be encouraged in the sessions, and mask wearing will be at the discretion of each young person attending. 


We will maintain a clear policy for attendance, drop offs and collections with parents who have children taking part in all current projects. We are also encouraging all parents to avoid the use of public transport to attend classes (and to opt for walking, cycling or travel by car instead). 

As always, we will continue to support the additional health/educational and/or wellbeing needs of all our participants and are happy to work alongside parents to determine an approach which will best support their child. 


We are aware that many parents and young people feel differently about life in a post-lockdown landscape and so will continue to plan each session/rehearsal carefully and provide all children and young people the same positive experience as they would have attending each term. 

If you have any additional questions then please feel free to get in touch! 

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