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Town of Tales Title Work Landscape.png

Project Credits: 


Director- Jake Celecia & Ben Goulding

Assistant Facilitators- Miles Clayton-Foster, Emma Goulding and Millie Sale. 

Performance Date-

Sunday 26th March


Barnfield Theatre, Exeter



Deep in the woods, away from the eyes of humans, is a town you won't find on any map. Here live the Talefolk, creatures of myth who have left the Enchanted Woods and now find themselves living in the modern age!


Protected by the infamous Big Bad Wolf, now the town's Sheriff, and Deputy Mayor Snow White, Taletown is a place for new beginnings...but not all is well. The peace has been broken and several magical items have been stolen! With time against them, the Wolf and Miss White must find the culprit and uncover the truth before it is too late!


Are the town's villains up to their old tricks again...or is there more to the case than meets the eye?




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